Armbruster Family Genealogy


This Armbruster family was part of an extremely plentiful group of Armbruster families in  the Kinzig River region of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The sheer number of Armbrusters has made following the direct line a challenge. We have three lines so far. No way to tell who may be the common ancestor.



Georg Armbruster                                                      Hans Armbruster


Romanus Armbruster                                                 Jacobi Armbruster                                                 Killian Armbruster


Magdalena Armbruster                                                 Catharina Armbruster                                            Maria Armbruster

married Laurentius Dreher                                                           married Joannes Well                                                                   married Georg Gebert


Other Armbrusters 



Updated on 09 January 2022

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