Bilz Family


The Bilz families lived in the area surrounding Bernbach, Hessen, Germany. The family name was spelled phonetically in a variety of ways including Bilz, Biltz, Bills, and Beltz among others. The German towns in which they lived and died included Bernbach, Somborn and Altenmittlau. Some of the information is based on the research of a German genealogist hired by descendants in the 1980s. I have spelled each last name as it was predominantly spelled in any records. Conrad Bilz and family immigrated to America in 1836 and settled in Ohio. Unfortunately, the records in the family history library are very scarce for these towns.


Bartholomaus Bilz


Heinrich Bilz         1645 - 1695


Joh. Konrad Biltz  1700 - 1747


Joh. Adam Biltz    1723 - 1795


Joh. Konrad Bilz   1750 - 1820


Conrad Bilz          1786 - 1861   (Updated 27 May 2020)


Barbara Bilz - Barbara married Johann Christian Dannappel in Portage, OH in 1839. He would change the family name to Denaple in 1844 after he became a citizen.


Other Bilz Families



Updated on 23 June 2020

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