Samuel Buell Family Town Records

There are many records for thjis family in the town records. Samuel was an active buyer and seller of land around Killingworth so many of these refer to land transactions. Others show that Samuel was a respected member of the community.


1664 - Samuel listed as a freeman of the colony


1669 - List of Freeman


1671/72 - Samuel purchases land


1671/72 - Samuel purchases land from one of the natives who goes by the christian name of Joshua


1672 - Samuel granted 3 acres for pasture


1672 - Samuel granted 7 acres


1673 - Samuel receives another land grant


1676 - Samuel buys more land fromthe native named Josua


1677 - Samuel's list of grants


1677 - Samuel purchases land from multiple owners


1680 - Samuel purchase land from Edward Griswold and others


1685 - Samuel on committee to secure a patent for their town


1686 - Samuel purchaes land from Daniel Clark


1687 - Samuel purchases land from Benejah Stone


1688 - Samuel sells land to Samuel Jr.


1692 - Samuel sells more land


1693 - Samuel and his son Samuel purchase land


1703 - Samuel is granted land in exchange for water rights


1703 - Samuel is on committee to procure and hang the bell in the meetinghouse


1710 - Samuel sells land


1712 - Samuel and neightbor settle a boundary dispute


1714 - Samuel sells land to son Benjamin. (Other sons got the same)


1719 - Samuel chosen to appeal a dispute to the General Assembly


1720 - Samuel's legacy land grants are laid out by his sons





Updated on 13 July 2020

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