Jacobus Bühler & Magdalena Well Family


In June of 2019, I was researching the Bühlers in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. I came across a marriage record for Joseph Bühler and it listed his first wife so I knew definitely this Joseph was my ancestor. In addition it listed his exact date of birth. By checking the birth/baptism record for that date I was able to discover that Joseph's parents were Jacobus Bühler and Magdalena Well (also spelled Wellin, Will etc). From that I was able to track siblings of Joseph and then the parents of Jacobus and Magadalena as well as their siblings. All from the discovery of one marriage record !


Jacobus Buhler Family Group Sheet


Jacob Birth Record


Magdalena Birth Record


Marriage Record


Jacob Death Record


Magdalena Death Record


Birth of Children   :


Magdalena    Josepha    Barbara     Joahanna Nepomucina     Johan Baptist     Petrus    Anna Maria    Joseph    Valentin    Phillip Jacob    Sebastian   


Franciska    Rufin


Marriage of Children   : (not including Joseph)



Death of Children   :  (not including Joseph)


Updated on 07 August 2019

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