Joseph Buhler & Maria Anna Schrempp Family


Joseph Buhler and Maria Anna Schrempp lived in the town of Schapbach, Germany in the Southwestern Black Forest. The genealogical quest for the Buhlers is tangled by the many Buhlers living in the area. Nonetheless we will continue to carefully unravel the circumstances and establish facts as clearly as possible.  The discovery of a second marriage record for Joseph and a precise birth date. This firmly established his parents and the line was exended back to his grnadparents and more. All of the children of Joseph and Maria Anna were born in Schapbach as well and baptized at St. Cyriak Church there.



Joseph Buhler Family Group Sheet


Joseph Birth Record


Maria Anna Birth Record


Marriage Record


Second Marriage - Joseph married Franciska Dieterle


Children of Joseph and Maria Anna  :


Johanna     Maria Anna     Constantina     Casmir    Martinus     Valerian     Bonifaz     Justinius     Susanna     Magdalena


Joseph Death Record


Maria Anna Death Record


St. Cyriak - This is the Catholic Church in Schapbach that the Buhlers attended. All of their children were baptized here.



Updated on 02 September 2021

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