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We do not have a picture or last name as of yet for wife Hannah


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Ichabod & Hannah Cook family. Ichabod was a pioneer in the Ashland area of Greene County, New York. His name was variously written as Ichabud, Ichabood, Jhabod and Iahbod along with the last name often being spelled Cooke. First wife Hannah (last name unknown) died in 1815. Ichabod married Elizabeth Brandow and had several more children. Author's family line is descended from a child (Zeruah) of Ichabod and first wife Hannah.

Ichabod Cook Family Group Sheet


Federal Census Records :   1830  1840   1850   1860


Federal Agricultural Census Records  :   1850 - 01  02      1860 - 01  02


New York State Census Records : 1855  1865


NY State Agricultural Census :   1855   1865


Federal Tax Assessments  :   1865


Ichabod News Article - This brief extract mentions the "teats" on Ichabod's cow.


Ichabod's Grave : Ichabod is buried in Sutton's Hollow Cemetery also known as Mountain Valley Cemetery


Hannah's Grave : Also buried in Sutton's Hollow .

Will Abstract - This is an abstract of Ichabod's will. It mentions daughter "Rue" who is married to Charles Beaujean (Baujean). She is noted as "Rue Magene of Mayville".


Full Probate Record


Their Children : (Children with 2nd wife starts with Anna)


Zeruah     Betsy     Anna     Henry     Sally     Fletcher     Clarissa     Margaret     Elizabeth     Theresa     Polly     Thomas     Ichabod



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