Isaac Cox & Margaret Kinzer Family

Isaac and Margaret were early settlers in Highland Co., OH. Although they were both born in Pennsylvania, they were in Ohio by the very early 1800s if not before. They were married there in 1809 and settled into life on the farm.  As did many, they had a large family with 10 children surviving childhood which was quite a feat in the wilderness of Ohio. Descendants still live in Highland County.




Isaac Cox Family Group Sheet


Federal Census Records : 1820   1830   1840   1850   1860   1860 has Margaret only. Census records for Ohio earlier than 1820 were destroyed.


Federal Agricultural Census :   1850


Isaac Cox and Margaret Kinzer Marriage Record


Transcription of Marriage Record


Isaac Cox Senior Will


Isaac Cox Senior Probate Administration


Bond for Isaac Estate Administration


Notice by Executor


Isaac Cox Senior Grave Marker


Margaret Kinzer Cox Grave Marker


Their Children :


Margaret     John H.     Elizabeth     David     Robert     George     Isaac N.     Sharlotte     Nathaniel     Rebecca


Updated on 07 May 2021

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