Joseph Farwell & Hannah Learned Family


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Joseph Farwell family. He was known as Ensign Joseph Farwell and owned quite a bit of land.


Joseph Farwell I Family Group Sheet

Joseph Farwell Birth Record

Hannah Learned Birth Record


Joseph and Hannah Marriage Record


Land Records


Town Records


Joseph Death Record


Joseph Farwell Grave Marker -   Inscription:  Here lyes y Body Of Ensign JOSEPH FARWELL Who Dec Decm Y 31, 1722, in y 82nd Year of His Age

                                                        Joseph is buried in the Old Dunstable Cemetery, Nashua, New Hampshire. It was originally part of Massachusetts.


Hannah Death Record


Hannah Grave Marker




Their Children :


Hannah     Joseph     Elizabeth     Henry     Sarah     John     William     Oliver


Updated on 09 August 2021

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