Samuel Rider & Lucinda Crosby Family





Samuel and Lucinda were both born and raised in Dutchess County, NY. They both moved to nearby Litchfield, Herkimer Countyby 1800 where they married and raised a family.


Samuel Rider Family Group Sheet


Federal Census Records  :   1800   1810   1820   1830  1840  1850   1860


Federal Agricultural Records  :  1850   1860


New York State Census Records  :  1855


NY State Agricultural Census Records:  1855


1802 Tax Assessment       1804 Tax Assessment


Land Forfeiture - American Revolution Loyalists forfeited their land through a process called attainder. Samuel purchased it.


Samuel Rider Ad for Missing Apprentice - The apprentice to Samuel ran away in 1819.


Proof that Samuel is the son of Reuben Rider - Samuel petitioned the New York State Legislature regarding ;payment for his father's land following Reuben's death.


Samuel Death Record


Lucinda Death Record




Their Children :


Julia Ann     Wakeman     William     Caroline     Emily



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