Frank Robinson & Mary Craig Family

This is one of the few pictures of Mary. No pics of Frank

This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Frank Robinson family. Frank was born in Westmoreland County, PA. Mary was born in Mercer County, Kentucky. Frank enlisted in the Union Army twice during the Civil War. His first enlistment was in Pennsylvania where his family was living at the time. He served his term and was discharged. He enlisted again in Minnesota were his family had moved and he served again. After the Civil War he made his way to Osage County, Kansas where he met and married Mary E. Craig in 1872. Mary and her family had moved from Kentucky to Indiana in the 1850s. Aproximately 1871, they left Indiana for Osage County, Kansas.


Frank and Mary moved to Wabaunsee County in the mid 1870s after Mary's father (John Rice Craig) died and her mom (Lucinda Wheat Craig) moved as well. They settled into Plumb Twp and began farming and raising a family. Sometime in the early 1880s Frank left for Oregon. The reason is unknown. He apparently worked in a sheep camp in Long Creek, Grant County, Oregon as a sheep tender and was killed in late August 1885. Mary spent the next 48 years as a widow but was able to raise her family and keep them afloat. She spent several years in Emmons County, North Dakota where Frank's parents had settled and she homesteaded some land. This required she move her famiy there and she did so for several years. She became a school teacher and worked her land with the help of relatives and hired hands. Once her Homestead claim was "proved" (took about 3-4 years) she sold the land and returned to Wabaunsee County where she remained for the rest of her life. It was in Wabaunsee County in 1895 that her oldest daughter Claudia Daisy met a widower named William Shepherd whom she married.


Frank Robinson Family Group Sheet

Frank Robinson and Mary Craig Marriage License


Federal Census Records : 1880   1900   1910   1920   1930  (Frank only appears in the 1880 census as he died in 1885.)


Federal Agricultural Census : 1880


Kansas State Census Records :   1875   1885   1895   1905   1915   1925

Kansas State Agricultural Census Records :   1875   1885   1895   1905  

(1875 Ag Census, Frank & Mary are with Mary's mother Lucinda Craig. In 1895 Mary & the children are in the Dakota Territory with her in-laws and her brother John is farming her piece of land as well as his own.)

Frank Robinson Civil War Service Record :  Pennsylvania   Minnesota


Frank served in the Minnesota 7th Infantry for 10 months and later in the Pennsylvania 135th Infantry for almost two years.


Minn. 7th History    Another Minn. 7th History          Penn. 135th History    Another Penn. 135th History


Index - Pennsylvania State Archives indexed all of the Civil War soldiers from Pennsylvania. This is Frank's card.


Frank Robinson Civil War Pension Application : Mary applied for a pension and diligently pursued it until it was granted. She received a pension until her death in 1933.


Mary Robinson Homestead Application


Frank Robinson Death - Coroner's Inquest- Frank must have thought himself a ladies man but it proved to  be the death of him in 1885.


Mary Robinson Death Certificate


Mary Robinson Obituary


Joe Van Hook Robinson WWI Draft Card - Joe names his mother Mary Robinson as his next of kin in 1918. He will die in 1921.


Joe Van Hook Robinson Death Certificate - Son of Frank and Mary Robinson


Lulu Mae Robinson Burns Death Certificate - Daughter of Frank and Mary Robinson

Newspaper Articles - Regarding the Frank Robinson family


Their Childen :


Claudia Daisy     Lula Mae     Lena Maud     Cora V     John N     Joseph V


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