Shepherd Family


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Shepherd family. The family name was Sheppard until the early 1800s when the spelling of Shepherd began to be used. It was standardized to Shepherd by the mid 1800s. The family originated in England but were part of Cromwell's army invading Ireland in the 1640s. They stayed in Ireland with land awarded by Cromwell but one branch of the family left for America in the 1680s likely due to a rift with King Charles II.


Thomas Sheppard            (1605 - 1671)

David Sheppard               (1648 - 1695)


David Sheppard Jr.         (1672 - 1755)


Ephraim Sheppard          (1723 - 1783)


Joel Sheppard                (1748 - 1820)


Reuben Shepherd           (1776 - 1842)


William A Shepherd MD (1814 - 1871)


Theodore Shepherd       (1841 - 1915)


William A Shepherd        (1860 - 1934)


Olive Gladys Shepherd   (1905 - 1996)


Other Shepherd Families - These are Shepherds who are related but not in my direct line.


Shepherd Pictures

It is a Long Way From Tipperary - This is a narrative of the Sheppard/Shepherd family going from Captain Thomas Sheppard to Olive Gladys Shepherd.



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