Samuel Slade & Elsa Alford Family



This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Samuel Slade family. Samuel spent his entire life in Herkimer County, NY. Elsa Alford was born In Clumbia, NY but spent her adult life also in Herfkimer County.


Samuel Slade Family Group Sheet

Federal Census Records :   1840   1850   1860   1870   1880   1900


Federal Agricultural Census :   1850   1860   1870  1880

New York State Census :    1855   1865   1875    1892


New York State Agricultural Census : 1855   1865   1875


Newspaper Articles - Contemporary articles about Samuel, Elsa and their family.


Land Sales Index


Mortgagee Index     Mortgagor Index


Foreclosure by Samuel Slade - He was a plaintiff in  a suit to foreclose on a mortgage made in 1874


Samuel Slade Death Certificate - Samuel died on Christmas day 1903. He was 94 years old according to his death certificate.


Estate of Samuel Slade


Letters of Administration Index


Elsa Alford Slade Death Certificate - Elsa died in 1899



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