Yocum Family


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Yocum family. The family has extraordinarily deep roots in America. The original immigrant was Peter Jochimsson who came from Sweden as a soldier in the 1640s to New Sweden in America. He was usually known as Peter Jochim which eventually changed in Yocum over the generations.


Peter Jochimsson   1618 - 1654

Peter Peterson Jochim  1653 - 1702


Jonas Yocum  1689 - 1760


Peter Yocum  1718 - 1794


Jonas Yocum  1743 - 1824


Elizabeth Yocum - Elizabeth married John Rawalt Jr. in New York. They spent some time in Indiana and they eventually moved their family to Illinois in the 1830s

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