George Reed Beaujean & Eunice Martha Kelsey Family



This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the George R. Beaujean family. George was the son of Charles P. Beaujean but was especially close to his grandfather Michael Moses Beaujean. After his wife died in 1861, Moses lived with George who took care of him until he died in 1877. In return, Moses left his estate to George. This angered George's father, Charles, who left George nothing in his will. George had 5 daughters one of whom died as a youngster. The other four remained very close for the rest of their lives.


George R. Beaujean Family Group Sheet

Federal Census Records : 1860   1870   1880   1900   1910


Federal Agricultural Census Records :  1860 1870  pg 1  pg 2   1880 his brother Henry is listed right above.


New York State Census Records : 1865   1875   1892   1905   1915


New York State Agricultural Census : 1865   1875


Deed of Land from Ruth Van Valkenburg to George Beaujean:    George buys a hotel and names it Beaujean House


George R Beaujean Grave Marker  - Picture courtesy of Jo Ann Kaufman


Eunice Martha Kelsey Beaujean Grave Marker  - Picture courtesy of Jo Ann Kaufman


Children of George and Martha  :  Hattie Althea     Mary Louise (died at 5 years)     Helen Margerta     Julia May     Bertha A


G.R. Beaujean Family Pictures


Newspapers - Newspapers articles which mention members of the George R. Beaujean family


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