Samuel Buell & Deborah Griswold Family

Samuel and Deborah were both born and raised in Windsor, CT. They married there but shortly after they moved to Killingworth, CT where they and their large family spent the rest of their lives. Samuel and Deborah had two sons who are direct ancestors of the author's family.



Samuel Birth Record


Deborah Birth Record


Marriage Record   01     02


First Settlers - Samuel is listed as one of the original settlers of Killingworth. They were often called Planters or Proprietors.


Maps     01     02   -   These maps are representation s of the original 1663 layout of Killingworth.


Town Records


Samuel Death Record    01     02


Deborah Death Record


Probate Record


Their Children :


Samuel     Deborah     Hannah     Mary     John     Hannah     William     David     Josiah     Mehitable     Peter     Benjamin




Updated on 06 July 2020

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