Joseph Crosby & Abigail Paddock Family



Joseph Crosby Family Group Sheet


Federal Census Records :     1790     1800      1810     1820     1830     1840     1850       Beginning in 1820, Abigail began living with her children.


Joseph Birth Record  -  Both birth records are from the Paddock family Bible. Most of these were recorded by Abigail Paddock Crosby


Abigail Birth Record


Marriage Record


American Revolution Records -    Service Records     Pay List


Land Records


State Tax     1799     1800     1801     1802


Paddock Family Bible


Joseph Death Record


Joseph Grave Marker


Abigail Death Record




Their Children :


Lucinda     Stephen     Rachel     Susan(nah)     Eli     Paddock     Deborah     Anson     Joseph



Updated on 18 May 2021

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