Elisha Kelsey & Margaret Adams Kenyon Family


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Elisha Kelsey & Margaret Adams Kenyon family.


Elisha Kelsey Family Group Sheet

Federal Census Records :   1810     1820     1830      1840     1850     1860 (Margaret only)


Elisha Birth Record


Margaret Birth Record


Marriage Record


Land Records


Elisha Death Record


Margaret Death Record


Elisha Grave Marker


Margaret Grave Marker




Narrative of the families move to Chatauqua County, NY - This is something of a fanciful tale of the move through the eyes of the two youngest daughters Ruth and Martha. This was written by Helen Margaretta Beaujean the daughter of George Beaujean and Eunice Martha Kelsey Beaujean.


Samuel T Kelsey Mortgage - Son of Elisha Mortgage payoff Document from 1864

Samuel Kelsey and Ruth Van Valkenberg Mortgage - 1864


Elisha & Margaret's Children :


Elisha     Elizabeth     Julia     Samuel     Eleanor     Ruth     Eunice Martha



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