Thomas F. Carroll & Irene Elizabeth Martin Family


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Thomas Carroll family. Thomas was born in Atchison, Kansas in 1867. His parents were Irish immigrants who lived among a fairly good sized Irish population in Atchison. Several  more siblings were born with Peter the last in 1877. Something happened to Patrick between the birth of his son and 1880. By the 1880 census, the family has moved to Denver and Anna Lynch Carroll is listed as a widow.


Thomas grew up in Denver and became a pressman for several newspapers despite never going beyond the 5th grade in school. It was in Denver he met and married Irene Martin who was living with her Aunt Nellie McNamara Berry. Irene's mother, Kate McNamara Martin, had died and Irene ended up being sent by her grandmother from Chicago to live with Nellie. Her father, Joseph Martin, was unable to care for his two children.


Thomas and Irene were married in 1899 and began their life together in Denver. Thomas continued as a pressman and the family grew to include 3 children. By 1905 the family moved to San Francisco and Thomas continued in his profession. The family just happened to be there in the midst of the Great San Francisco Earthquake. Oldest daughter Irene remembers camping in Golden Gate Park for several days amid the chaos. Another child was born in San Francisco and the family returned briefly to Denver before making their way to Los Angeles. Their 5th child was born in LA. Thomas and Irene spent the rest of their lives in the LA area.



Thomas F. Carroll Family Group Sheet


Carroll Newspaper Articles

Carroll Pictures


Federal Census Records : 1880   1900   1910   1920   1930   1940


Colorado State Census 1885


Thomas Birth Record


Thomas Carroll Baptismal Certificate Thomas was baptized on October 1, 1869 in Atchison, Kansas. He was almost 2 years old.


Irene Martin Birth Record - She is the no name female listed on the correct date.


Irene Martin Baptismal Record - Irene was baptized in St. Johns Catholic Church in Chicago on November 12, 1876


Thomas Carroll and Irene Martin Marriage Certificate


Irene Martin Carroll Tax Bill 1935


Letter to Thomas Concerning Old Age Assistance


Thomas Carroll Death Certificate


Irene Martin Carroll Death Certificate


Irene Martin Carroll Funeral Card




Baptismal/Birth Records for the children of Thomas & Irene :


James     Irene     Anna Alexis     Mary     Thomas




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